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Thinking of starting a pension?

One of the major obstacles to starting a pension is the sheer overwhelming amount of choice available in today's markets. However most people recognise that it is wise to plan for their retirement. This is especially true for those who are hoping to retire before the usual State Retirement ages. The tax advantages offered by the UK Government provide the opportunity for your pension fund to grow with virtually no tax and ordinarily tax relief is granted on your contributions at your highest personal rate.

The Possibilities :

For simplicity Stakeholder personal pension plan
Greater fund choice Personal Pensions with external fund links.
Investment control Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPPs)
Within 2 years of retirement?

ImageAs you approach retirement it is vital you seek advice on the variety of options available in taking benefits and the necessary action to prepare for your impending retirement date. This is often a "once in a life time event" and complacency should not be an option!!

Be prepared to consider:

Tax Free Cash When it may be worth not taking ?
Annuities Single / Joint - Open Market Option - Level/Escalating - With Profits / unit linked / Guarantees - Enhanced Impaired life.
Flexible Options Phased retirement - Pension fund Withdrawal - Combinations - self Investment.

Please use our links from this Pensions section to gather as much information and education as you wish. We often find that a client that has some basic knowledge of the options and phrases find it easier to make an enquiry or get more from a initial meeting, which are offered free of charge and without any obligation whatsoever.

- Past performance should not be seen as an indication of future performance.
- With some investments you are not certain to make a profit; you may make a loss. You may not get back the full amount invested. The income may not be fixed - it can go up or down.

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